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Tend patient app /

The Tend mobile app is the patient’s interface with Tend’s digital-first GP service. The app enables patients to book appointments, attend online video consultations, send and receive messages, request prescriptions and more. The app is the result of an in-depth UX programme including user research, prototyping and testing, and a private beta trial.

UI design by Benek

User research /

The first step in designing NZ’s first digital-first GP practice was conducting research to understand how different demographic groups felt about accessing GP care online, to understand who the best first target audience might be. User interviews valuable insights that helped steer the product design and marketing efforts on a clear and focused path. Quantitative research, customer journey mapping and value proposition design was all part of the process.

Information architecture /

Designing the onboarding flow for Tend took several months – as it involved much more than the standard email address and password. While every effort was made to reduce complexity from the onboarding, Ministry of Health and Stats NZ guidelines had to be adhered to in order to ensure Tend was able to practice as a GP service. Despite having a fairly long sign up flow including mobile, email and address validation, the average sign-up rate is 79% – and improving as we make small improvements based on sign up analytics data.

Tend app enrolment UX design
Tend app UX design - user flows

Prototyping & user testing /

Prototyping and testing early allowed us to uncover deeply ingrained mental models about how healthcare works that would have a significant impact on our go to market strategy. We realised that we had a huge communication challenge to overcome to help people understand Tend could do everything a regular GP can.

Tend app UX design

Online consultations /

Telehealth experiences in NZ are generally poor experiences for patients, with doctors using disparate, poorly designed software solutions that are confusing for users, with billing and follow up aspects handled in other ways, creating fractured experiences and admin overheads for both doctor and patient.
The Tend app allows patients to enrol with Tend and book appointments in a few minutes, and rock solid tech and UX provides a seamless online consultation experience that just works. Payment and follow-up appointment notes and messages are also delivered via the app.

Tend app online consultations UX design

Medication management /

Helping people with long-term medication needs manage their medication supply was a top insight from user research. Personalised digital reminders and easy prescription requests, integrated with Tend’s clinical platform has significantly streamlined prescriptions requests for customer support, clinicians and patients.