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How user research uncovered unexpected insights that led to a game changing competitive feature.

User research /

Pushpay’s Annual Tax Statements feature is an example of how going wider with exploratory research can ensure you build the right thing, as well as build the thing right. By going wider with exploratory research, I uncovered unexpected insights about what merchants really needed and how Pushpay could gain a competitive advantage through solving this painful and necessary problem better.

Requirements outlined by product analysts clearly outlined the business and legal requirements, so the initial plan was to evaluate a prototype that allowed merchants to create statements from donations made through Pushpay.

Pushpay UX prototype

Research insights /

Before testing the prototype, I asked merchants “How do you do this now?”. By understanding the big picture of what merchants went through to provide tax statements to their donors in the way they felt was right, I learnt that by providing a tool that solved the problem of ALL the transactions, instead of just Pushpay’s transactions, Pushpay could become the system of record, where previously merchants were exporting data out of Pushpay (and other products) and into accounting software.