/ Responsive web design

Innovative sales, onboarding and self-service experience for telco challenger brand

Interaction design /

The UX of competitor’s products were flawed in largely the same way – they all relied on the less than usable dataset provided by Chorus. I suggested design and development tricks to get around these issues, creating the most usable address checker in the industry and achieving above average conversion rates for address checks, which were the first part of the funnel in broadband sales.

UX design research for the most effective address checker for broadband sales site

Self-service portal /

One of the biggest challenges I’d been given at the time was to design a self-service portal for Flip customers to manage their pay-as-you-go internet and phone usage. The business model was complex and sadly unchangeable – research showed that customers found their phone bill with other telcos very hard to understand, and we wanted to do better. I consciously worked in very low-resolution when wireframing to ensure the portal was a simple as possible.

Flip self service portal UX wireframes
Flip self service portal final design

UI design by Vikki Cheng

Mobile UX design /

A couple of years after Flip launched, GM Scott Hoogerburg invited me to lead the UX of the redesign of the Flip marketing site, optimising for mobile. Based on a design system by Gladeye, I designed and tested prototypes of a desktop and mobile web experiences for the broadband sales funnel. Broadband products can be confusing and illogical to users, especially in the days when these things were very new technology, and VDSL meant very little to anyone – as is still the case now!

Flip responsive web mobile UX design screenshots