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Cuisine Wine
Unlocking the value of  10 years of wine tasting content in a new digital product.

The challenge /

The objective of the Cuisine Wine project was to unlock the value of 10 years of wine tasting content published in Cuisine magazine as a new digital product, and demonstrate the benefits of a ‘Create Once, Publish Everywhere’ approach to publishing content.

Cuisine wine website UX case study

Visual design by Tim Archer

Content strategy /

All of Cuisine’s magazine content was stored in design layout files which made repurposing it prohibitively time-consuming and expensive. We used XML exports to extract the data and then began the painstaking process of separating the content into chunks that could be organised in a relational database.

Cuisine Wine website converted from magazine content

The results /

The effort put into the data structure and categorisation of the content meant it could be used in many ways. Wine lovers can slice and dice lists of wines by star rating, price, variety and more.

Content strategy Cuisine Wine - UXNZ